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Kiltyfeenaghty, Drumkeerin, Co. Leitrim, Ireland

Webdesign Basic Plan

What you get

Responsive Design
Google index + map
5 Email

All in one pack from €495

Website design from €495. Our basic package includes design and hosting for 1 year.

Spend €495 and you will get a well designed website (including 5 email addresses) that says everything you need to say about your business.

We also submit your site to google for indexing in google search results as well as google maps.

Additional pages fee : From €50
Hosting annual renewal: €85/year + domain registration fee

Disk Space Usage : 500MB
Monthly Bandwidth Transfer :5GB
email accounts : 5

Webdesign Professional Plan

What you get

Responsive Design
Google index + map
10 Email

More space & Professional Design from €695

Suitable for all types of Businesses & Charities, our professional website design package includes web design, 10 email addresses, hosting and admin for 1 year.

Feature in google search results, google maps and other search indexes.

Additional pages fee : From €50

Renewal hosting fee:
Basic : €85/year + domain registration fee
>Disk Space Usage : 500MB
>Monthly Bandwidth Transfer :5GB
>email accounts : 5

Professional : €150/year + domain registration fee
>Disk Space Usage : 2GB
>Monthly Bandwidth Transfer :20GB
>email accounts : 10


What you get

5 information pages
Unlimited Products
Responsive Design
Google index + map
5 Email

Start selling on line from as little as €980

Start selling online with our ' Add products as you go ' package. Add unlimited products with easy to use content management systems enabling you to build up your web presence and ecommerce store at your own pace.

We submit all our ecommerce sites to google for indexing in google search results as standard.

Additional SEO add ons available

Renewal hosting fee includes shopping cart :
€150/year + domain registration fee

Disk Space Usage : 2 GB
Monthly Bandwidth Transfer :20 GB


What you get

Analyse your site
We discuss your plan
SEO Optimization for your site
More traffic
Grow your business!

Promote your site.
SEO Plan : From €300

Already got a website but not getting any response from it? Then you need our seo package. We can optimise your existing website and increase relevant visitor traffic.

Our SEO generates targeted organic traffic for localised or global search engines.

We have several options available from one off SEO updates to ongoing monthly SEO packages.

Let us do an SEO audit on your site for free and we can advise on the best way forward. With SEO, small changes can reap big rewards.

What we offer

Our Services

Web Design tailored for your Business

We custom design each website to our clients needs. We appreciate that with web design there is no one solution fits all template & all clients have different requirements & functionality. We explore all the options to find the right design & functionality for you.

Responsive design

All our sites are responsive as standard. We optimize site design to maximise the benefits of multiple device layouts. Our sites are all compliant with googles latest guidelines for mobile search users.

Website Hosting

We have various website hosting plans all of which include administrative ongoing support. We use local servers to maximise the benefits to your search engine rankings. Our support service runs 7 days a week making sure your site is permanently online.

Search Engine Optimization | SEO

We carry out full Website SEO audits and can recommend the best practice to position your website in premium position in Search Engine results. Most sites we audit improve their search engine presence almost immediately.

Google indexing

We verify all our sites with google and assist with indexing with all google products, Google Maps, Google Local Search, Google Plus & Google Analytics

Google Adwords

We get your site moving with adword campaigns tailored to suit your budget. We set up google adword campaigns for all types of business and can advise on best strategy to employ saving you time and money.

Why & How?

Why you should choose us & How we build your site.


We build websites that work. All our websites are google friendly.

We build your website in such a way that end users, google and other search engines find it easy to navigate.By this we mean we program your site in such a way so google finds it easy to navigate. Imagine a room full of clutter and a robot trying to navigate across the room. How much easier would it be for the robot if there was no clutter.. Website design works in a similar way. We build all our sites to be google friendly as standard. This makes it easier to attract visitors or traffic to your site. This type of visitor or traffic is called organic traffic.

This means whenever someone searches on google using a word that relates to your business then your website should be presented in the search results, on page 1. If your website features on page 1 when users search for a paticular word then it will get organic traffic but your website has to be on page 1, preferably in the top 3 position.

But thats only the beginning.... Once the site is built, depending on the package you choose with Taeko web design, we optimize the site for google traffic. The more competitive your industry the more optimizing required. This is what is known in the internet marketing world as SEO. You can find some examples of our SEO skills on our seo ireland page.

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Once you've decided you need a website and commission us to build your site we can discuss by email, phone or in person what your requirements are. What the aim of the website is and what domain name you require if you don't have one already.

Then regarding the design:

What style website you like.
What colours you like.
What fonts you use or would like to use.

You can also leave the design decisions to us if you don't have any preferences to the above.

Then we need to know

What logos or photos you want to use and where to use them,
What keywords or brand names are relevant to your business,
what geographical area you cover, do you offer just local services or worldwide?

Depending on your location we can help with your photos or if distance is an issue we can advise what photos work best. We can also help with key words generation, we use specialist software tools to compile lists of keywords relevant to your business.

When we have all the information we will design and build the site, consulting you all the way, Once its finished we will host it in a temporary location on the net where you will be able to view it. Together we can appraise it and within reason make further changes. If you are satisfied with the end result we will host it on our servers and submit it to the major directories.

We are proud of the sites we build and total customer satisfaction is our goal...

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Some of our works.

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